Simplicity is part of the deal……………..

Unisive Technologies Trading Enterprise is a professional Information Technology services and solution provider, we have a passion for technology and provide services for all of your IT needs we take your Business into the future of Technology.  It is Unisive Technologies Trading Enterprise focus to give you the support that fits all your IT needs, as such we specialize in many fields so that we can bring you the best solution that fits both your budget and your requirements.

The I.T Industry changes constantly and as an I.T Support Company, we have had to adapt our service offering to match our customers requirements. We offer on-site support and Helpdesk support. We offer
free consultation to our clients. Our services is 24/7. Our service can be contractual or once-off. We cover all fields in the IT area some of which includes but not limited to

Computer Network         

Installation, Maintenance, Documentation, Consultation, Inter-networking (Cisco Switches & Routers), Internet Setup and Troubleshooting.

                                              I T Support

 Preventative IT Support, ICT Consultation and Maintenance

                                             System Engineering 

Server & Client Operating System Installation, Maintenance, Upgrading, Implementation and Troubleshooting.

                                             Computer Repairs  

Computer Maintenance, Server Maintenance, Remote Server and Desktop Support, Anti- Virus Management and Installation, Software, Fixing Computer’s and Servers   


Basic Computer Literacy, and ICDL


We consult with you to make sure we deliver what you expect

Much more…………………………… Value for your Money